producto HLServer
Inter-Application Translator
Clinic, Prepaid Health Care Plan, Laboratory
Messaging Service, Administration and Parameterization, Parser and Encoder HL7, XML, FHIR.

HLServer It’s a translator, based on market standards, with the ability to interoperate with any third-party system.
HLServer’s an inter-application messaging, server, engine specialized in HL7.
producto HLServer

It develops connectors that allow interoperability with the existing LIS and/or HIS in any institution. It includes development of the implementation manual for Third Parties, messaging, mappings, identifiers and necessary communication protocols.

“We’ve managed to virtualize the processes with the same functionalities that face-to-face processes have, improving employees´ productivity and simplifying the patient experience”
Marcelo Cetlin, CTO Intuit Salud.