producto Nopos
Receive Patients
Mobile App
Clinics, Offices,
Appointments, Calendars, Medical Records

Nopos is an innovative tool that replaces the manual process of receiving the patient and provides them with new functionalities for the management of people waiting to be referred to their physician.

Nopos provides a solution in application format, at the time of receiving the patient, and validates their membership status through integrations with any member system of any provider or health insurance.
  • This application solves the eligibility, authorization and validation of the patient with their service provider.
  • It also provides tools for managing queues and appointments within the clinic
producto Nopos

It validates and authorizes patient data. It manages the status of the queue at the reception and generates digital billing reports of the physician/clinic.

“Being integrated with Turnos (Appointments), it solved the reception of the patient and improved the waiting time management and the queue.”
Marcelo Rojkes, COO Intuit Salud.